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You’re just a few steps away from making 2024 the year of YOU

Enact the changes around your health and wellness that you've been wanting

Place intention and focus on YOU

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From Shannon:

"The changes you enact should FEEL good to you; otherwise why would you want to continue doing them?"


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Make 2024 the year of YOU

I want to help make 2024 the year of YOU with an individualized Holistic Health Roadmap to guide you towards reaching the health and wellness goals you've been wanting to achieve.

Leave behind the days of trying to fit yourself and your life into those cookie cutter (and often unrealistic) diet & fitness plans. Why try to enact a plan that isn't really you and doesn't really fit into your lifestyle?

You need simple, realistic, doable actions that will help you move forward and feel great!  Arm yourself with our own personal map for reaching your goals.

This comprehensive Roadmap is  your guide to help you get from point A to point B in  way that works FOR you.

What's in your Roadmap? (a $1500 value):

  • researched & proven suggestions & actions (for YOU)
    • nutrition
    • lifestyle
    • supplement
    • herbal supplement¬†
  • links within your Roadmap:
    • suggested supplements & reputable brands
    • nutrient/food information
    • websites or professionals related to lifestyle related suggestions
    • education underlying suggestions

Bonuses included:

  • an energy needs document geared towards your personal goals¬†($200 value):
    • your body's energy needs (intake/expenditure needs)
    • macronutrient breakdown
    • plate makeup
    • portion size suggestions
  • a workbook to help you implement the components within the Roadmap ($100 value)
    • help with deciding on the best routes for taking action
    • trackers to keep yourself accountability
    • journal prompts to help you stay motivated and persevere when challenges arise
    • tips/tricks to help in habit creation¬†
  • 60 minute intake session (after you've completed the intake forms) and a 60 minute session to walk through the Roadmap and bonuses ($500 value)
  • 3 AND 6 month, 45 minute check-in sessions with me to ask questions, discuss challenges, celebrate successes and ensure you feel you are moving¬†in the direction you want to go ($400 value)

This is a Roadmap you can rely on over time to provide guidance and direction and give you comfort that the choices you are making are right for you.

~ This is normally only something I do for my 1-1 private coaching clients 

~ Even if you are not ready to invest in 1-1 private coaching, I feel it's so important for you to tackle your health and wellness goals in an empowered way

~ I invite you to take that first step towards transformation & finally feeling & looking the way you want to feel

The Roadmap & all the bonuses carry a total value of $2700 - I am inviting you to take advantage of this opportunity to obtain the individualized Roadmap AND all the bonuses for $997 through the end of 2023.

This pricing will increase after the New Year so, if you are serious about finally tackling your health goals in 2024 this offer is for you!

I encourage you to click the button below to schedule a free health & wellness consult to see if this approach is something that would be helpful to you.

I invite you to make 2024 the year of YOU. Find Nutrition on Your Terms!!

I want to reach my goals in 2024!

Make 2024 the year of YOU.



Get your personal Roadmap and get on the right path towards reaching your health & wellness goals.