Tired of not feeling confident & comfortable in your body?

Release Guilt, Shame & Judgment.
Choose your path forward for sustainable success.

"When most people think of body image, they think about aspects of physical appearance, attractiveness, and beauty. But body image is so much more.


Our body perceptions, feelings, and beliefs govern our life plan - who we meet, the nature of our interactions, our day-to-day comfort level. Indeed, our body is our personal billboard, providing others with first - and sometimes - only impressions."

~ Psychology Today

Join us in exploring our body image, our relationships with food & how these constructs impact our past, present and future selves. 

Explore how these are impacting your health and the achievement of your health & wellness goals. 


It's Time to End the Cycle of Shame, Guilt and Judgment

It's time to stop fitting ourselves into someone else's mold. It's time to make our own rules, for our own lives, and our own goals

  • Find community with other like-minded women looking for answers.
  • Take time to explore your relationships to food, self & others in  a safe space.
  • Discover how your daily life, actions and behaviors are impacted by your relationship with your body.
  • Learn tangible ways to incorporate quick, healthy and easy meals into your busy days that will help you feel good.
  • Enjoy the time, space, and serene backdrop of Misty Acres Farm as you create empowering rules for yourself to reach your health goals for the life you want to live.
"our beauty obsessed world perpetuates the idea that happiness, health and the ability to be loved are dependent on how we look.." 

~ Lindsay Kite PhD & Lexie Kite PhD


It's Time to Find More For Yourself.

It's Time to Find Self-Acceptance AND Move Towards That Next Best Version of You

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In The Space of One Day …

  • Engage in impactful discussion & self-exploration
  • Relish being supported & nurtured in a serene environment
  • Receive tangible takeaways to help you start to take back control & power around food and your body


Awareness, Community, Empowerment. 



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A day retreat designed to nourish your body, mind & spirit

Led & facilitated by two certified coaches, one a Gestalt trained Life Coach & the other, a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach:

  • Join with other like-minded women in a safe & serene space
  • Be open to learning about & exploring the undercurrents of what is holding you back in regards to your health & wellness
  • Eat nourishing foods; Engage in meditation and discussion; Learn practical tools; Receive tangible takeaways

A shift in your mindset coupled with easy to implement strategies can help you get unstuck, move forward, and finally find freedom and confidence within your body. 


Nourish Retreat Schedule

10am ~  Arrival & Coffee/tea

10:30am ~ Opening Circle

11am ~ Workshop 1 | Exploration of our relationship with food, its impacts & how we can start to heal | Small group & whole group components 

12:30pm ~ Lunch, chill & community time | Enjoy a beautifully prepared & nourishing lunch while gaining tips & tricks from our home-chef Diane | As you wish, take time alone or together to stroll along the walking path at Misty Acres, enjoy the outdoors and just be for a bit

1:30pm ~ Workshop 2 | Experiences with guilt, shame & judgment around our bodies and food | Small group discussions followed by a whole group debrief & takeaways

3pm ~ Yoga Nidra meditation led by Sandra followed by downtime (for introspection and/or community) | Tea & afternoon snacks

4pm ~ Interactive discussion with our home-chef Diane | Getting food on the table quickly & easily; How to pivot when the week 'blows up' and your plans go awry

5pm ~ Dinner & Community

6pm ~ Workshop 3 | Body Image & Self Acceptance | Achieving your health & wellness goals from a place of love

7:30pm ~ Close Circle

Tangible Takeaways
  • Workbook to use throughout the day
  • Recipe booklet download
  • Menu Planning Diary
  • Art piece that will remind us daily of our intention & stance moving forward
  • Gift bag filled with fun surprises

All The Tools You Need To Find (or Rediscover) that Belief in Self

Space is limited. Save your seat for this transformational experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you. We offer programs for women to explore and unlock their own rules to live the lives they want to lead, and to find their path to health & wellness - on their own terms.

You will have an opportunity to learn about our 6-month small group circle where we dive even deeper into all things food, relationship, and body image related. This program is designed to help you get real with yourself, reignite and amplify the power within, and then move forward with practical action to take you along your path to successfully reach your goals around health & wellness.

We invite you to participate in the Nourish day retreat and experience what it can be like to find (or rediscover) that belief in self and empower yourself to work towards, and reach, your fullest potential.


 Your Coaches


I am Sandra Wint 

Corporate refugee, recovering perpetual dieter & people pleaser, and celebrated hugger. As a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach and advance Women's Circle Facilitator, I create safe & trusting spaces for women to transform their burnout, social bullying and disappointment so as to build personally fulfilling lives of mission and joy. I believe that healing our pain is the truest expression of self-love. Besides releasing us from our own hurt, self-healing empowers us to be seen and models courageous self advocacy to every woman that looks to you for guidance, direction and encouragement.



I am Shannon Vitale

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, recovering corporate finance leader, busy mom of 3 teen girls & former user of food as an effective tool for self-sabotage. I help my clients find the power within to move past the diet mentality & make their own rules, figure out the right actions to take AND the best ways to implement them into their extremely busy lives so that they can reach their health goals without draining more of their precious time, energy and self-belief.



end the guilt, shame & judgment


$397 for 1 ticket or $675 for 2 tickets

3 workshops, 2 coaches, 1 day

June 3, 2023

Misty Acres Horse Farm

Bath, OH

10am - 8pm

Space is limited to 20 women to provide an intimate & impactful experience

What do I get for my investment?
  • lunch, dinner & light snacks from an amazing home-chef
  • meal prep instruction from the home-chef
    • tips/tricks/hacks for getting healthy meals on the table in 30 minutes
    • tips for "preparing" for the unexpected (a.k.a. life) during the week 
  • coach-led workshops around:
    • body image
    • cultural messaging
    • dealing with shame, guilt & judgment & relationship with food
    • how all of these impact our forward progress towards our health & wellness goals
  • accompanying workbook (print + a digital download that will contain recipes)
  • experiential exercise to connect to your intention resulting in a tangible art piece to take home
  • community & connection with other like-minded women
  • a safe & trusting space for transformational dialogue
  • the permission & time to just be in a peaceful & nurturing environment


Save your spot for this impactful day. 

Feel cared for. Find community. Become empowered.


Still have questions? 

Please contact Sandra at [email protected] OR Shannon at [email protected]