$187.00 USD

12 monthly payments

The Nourish Program

We all know that years of conditioning around how we feel about, and in, our bodies, is not going to disappear overnight. For that reason, we've created Nourish: The Program a year long journey back to rediscovering yourself, focusing on your health and wellness and fully investing in YOU. 

What's included: 

  •  12-month Coach Led program specifically aimed at addressing Body Image (how we feel about our bodies and in our bodies) in addition to your Emotional, Spiritual, Physical well-being
  •  Holistic approach. We're not focused on just one aspect leaving you to piece together your own program. We've got everything you need to be successful in one place
  • One* 90 minute circle monthly. Focused content, community, connection, support. This is a structured women's circle related to each month's theme (around body image, relationship to self, relationship to others, relationships with food, etc.) 
  •  Two** 45 min Coach-Led group meetings monthly with content, and hot-seat coaching 
  •  Expert speakers once a month around a variety of topics. Focused content with specific tools and techniques to implement. 
  • Repository of online resources (videos, articles, books, past workshops, meditations, exercises and tools) focused specifically on this content and your journey
  •  Workshops and challenges 

On-going support and connection via a private online community.