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Who am I?

(and why this is really about you)

It takes perseverance, courage and determination to decide mid-life that you will follow what your soul says is your purpose - and I did it, despite challenges and setbacks but always pushing forward (just as you can with any health change you tackle). I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and am Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. I also work a full-time corporate 'day-job'. I am a mom of 3 girls and a wife who is remarried to her soul-mate. I am busy (just like you). And I am happy and healthy and am creating and living a life that I've always dreamed of (keep reading to get past the initial thought of "well, good for you lady - but how the hell does that help me").

With both my expertise AND my experience (more on this below) I am able to provide expert guidance in helping my clients  find the right path to their health & wellness (via nutrition, lifestyle & mindset practices); figure out those right steps to take along that path (goals, actions, habits); and make space in their busy lives in order to actually implement these steps. How can YOU know I can do this? Well, my credentials speak for themselves AND I've done it for myself AND I've witnessed my clients empower themselves and take back control over their body's and their health.

"But how did you do it and why can I trust you" (you ask). Good question. Well, I wasn't always healthy or happy - I was pretty much the opposite of those things. And, I pretty much did things "the wrong" way throughout much of my life (if you want the highlights of these juicy details, scroll down to see "my story") .

It's that journey and those "wrong" ways that gave me the experiences necessary to understand the  hardships, the challenges, and the self-doubt so that I could truly understand what real change is, and how hard it is to accomplish - especially amidst the "busyness" of our everyday lives.  And I also know its possible. YOU CAN DO THIS. I am here to use these experiences along with my expertise to make it easier for you than it was for me. To save you time and energy, to decrease your struggle and your overwhelm and to show you - that despite all this - you can succeed. You are worth it!

My Story


I spent much of my life overweight, with poor eating habits, depression, anxiety and zero self-worth. This lifestyle took a heavy  toll on both my mind and body leading me to choices that were less than ideal (think marrying another human you don't really love, carrying around about 80 pounds of excess weight, and pretty much hating myself). Sad but true.


Then one day, in my late 30s, recently divorced, with my 3 small children and I living back at my parents' house, and desperately trying to hang onto an unhealthy relationship - which did not work out - I completely broke down. 30 some years of emotions came flooding through and I could barely function. I took time off work (because all I did was cry hysterically when my kids weren't around) and just stayed in bed as much as possible. That was the turning point. I got up (thank you mom), got help from my doctor and a therapist and started my journey to put myself back together. 


Losing the excess weight had occurred prior to my divorce (a huge feat in itself!) but I was still living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle and my mind was a mess. It was time to start unpacking the baggage and find my self-worth. It was time to take care of my body, mind, and spirit.


My transformation started there, and I haven't stopped since. While I still suffer from anxiety and depression - I now know how to manage it in a healthy way. I am not only happy and healthy on the outside, but the inside as well. I've learned how to live my daily life to promote true health and longevity and am genuinely and truly happy with who I am and where life has taken me. It's been a long road.


The journey never ends though (it's a beautiful thing) and I am so happy that all those seemingly "wrong" choices led me to the place I am now. Those experiences and the transformation they sparked has allowed me to gain the expertise (via nutrition, herbalism, fitness and mindset modalities) to set me up to be able to properly manage my health as I age and face new challenges. 


So - know I've been there. And, I see you. Together, we can work to make you a priority in your own life again and create the health you seek, in order to live the life you truly want.  YOU HAVE THE POWER WITHIN to enact change and create the life you want!

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