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Prioritize YOU again, Rediscover your Confidence & Experience the Freedom that reaching your health goals provides; You CAN do this WHILE you are juggling your everyday busy life! 


I can help you attain the results you are looking for - without the confusion or the drain on your time and energy.


Stop fighting against your body, start embracing it, and create the changes you seek.

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1:1 Structured Coaching  Program


Prioritization of You

This is your permission slip to schedule the time you need to finally take care of YOU. You'll receive 6 months of dedicated expert guidance and support through 18 one-on-one, 60 minutes sessions. (Ahhh, dedicated time just for you - close your eyes and just bask in that feeling!!)

The program is designed so that it can work with your individual lifestyle and needs. We meet weekly for the first 3 months in order to determine where you're at, clarify where you want to go, create specific action plans and goals, implement the actions into your normal everyday busy life, and then evaluate and tweak the plan along the way. We will then meet twice a month for 3 months as you are seeing results and learning how to self-coach and self-manage.

We will work not just on creating & implementing a plan that works FOR YOU, but also on the underlying mindset, beliefs, thoughts and actions that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from reaching your goals. (This is where the REAL change comes from. The change that will enable you to make the new actions and results sustainable for yourself over the long haul).

You are in the drivers seat, you are in control! You get to choose what you are, or are not ready for. I am here to guide, support and give you that push you need. Remember - this is all about YOU!

You Are Worth It!

Energy & Time Savings

Utilizing a detailed and thorough intake process, I do the heavy front-end lifting for you. (After having the opportunity to talk all about yourself, just sit back and relax - woo hoo.)

Together, we will walk through suggestions I provide (based on our intake) for nutritional, lifestyle, supplement, and herbal, strategies and actions.

You get to bypass all the energy-draining overwhelm and worry of trying to figure it out on your own. You'll feel confident that you are starting down the right path, for you! 

A structured method 

After we set the path you want to walk down, the coaching program is designed to maximize two powerful components - our time during sessions and your time in-between sessions.

Not even the best plan will provide results without actually taking action on it. The coaching sessions are designed to help you actually implement and integrate the plan and steps into your busy daily life. We not only work through strategy and the ins & outs of how you will implement the actions into your busy days, but we work on mindset shifts to help you succeed in the long-run. 

You get to have fun taking action in-between sessions! We evaluate, we tweak, we pivot - and we keep moving forward.

You'll find support, accountability, and structure. You'll gain confidence. You'll see results

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What my clients say:

Marsha F.

The biggest value that I received was simply letting go. Learning to trust myself and not try to control everything. I started out with an expectation that to be successful and to love myself, I had to lose 10 lbs. Now, I love my body, no matter what, and I have learned to enjoy meals more, to drink more water, to replace the foods that I'm no longer eating with other healthy options, to focus on protein, and to do more strength training. The words that I use now are "trust the process".

Shannon helped me take the fear out of eating, find new recipes as we made changes to my food choices, and identify the habits that weren't serving me well.
She supported me as I tested and retested foods, tracked and stopped tracking my eating, and changed my thought process. She challenged my thinking and my mindset. Most of all, Shannon was a cheerleader - giving me confidence and kudos; while reminding me to be kind and to remember what we have accomplished together.

Jen J.

After going through several IVF cycles, a high-risk twin pregnancy, and a diagnosis of celiac disease, my hormones were completely out of whack, and I was finding it impossible to lose weight. Once my kids turned five, I knew I needed to reclaim my health and feel like the vibrant, happy person I once was. Shannon was an absolute godsend, helping me identify a healthy gluten-free meal plan and supplement regimen that would meet my specific needs. She also helped me pinpoint healthy habits and weekly goals that helped me get back on track. I’m so grateful to Shannon because her encouragement and expertise were just the push I needed in the right direction.

Danielle L.

I was bloated, exhausted, suffering from severe migraines, cramps, hot flashes, and frankly, sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. I read the online advice but it just it just made me more confused. Shannon was super easy to work with. She took the time to really listen and understand my needs. She was patient, kind and super knowledgeable. And what she didn’t know she researched for me. Shannon tailored a plan just for me that focused on my specific challenges. It included suggested foods, supplements, herbal teas - even medicinal mushrooms. Now, I feel great! My energy is back up. My migraines are infrequent. My face is noticeably thinner, and I don’t feel like my stomach is going to explode! I can’t thank Shannon enough for giving me the tools to shape my health and well-being for a lifetime.

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